Delivery Redesign 2022

The ask was to create a logo coupled with a message (tagline or otherwise) that highlights our delivery benefits. The project was a design challenge for everyone on the team to participate in and we had 3 days to come up with concepts. In the end, my concept was chosen by the executive leadership and will soon be launched. --- There is a lot that Total Wine wants to message in regards to delivery so I decided to come up with a system that allows messaging to change based on the core competencies we want to highlight with the emphasis always on the word "Delivered". This coupled with a system of iconography to support key messaging will allow us a great amount of flexibility. I also thought Delivery should have its own color palette and 'brand' to really allow it to stand on it's own and not get lost in our core brand colors. The goal of the delivery redesign is to increase our delivery customers too 600k in 2022--an increase in 11% from 2021. For phase one of the launch, we are focusing on the "Lowest prices delivered" messaging utilizing the new van icon.