McDonalds Redbox

A local architect reached out to me to do the branding for a new McDonalds initiative called Redbox. IDEO originally was doing the design but corporate felt it fell flat and so I was brought on to bring the self-service convenience store and DVD rental to life.

The first location where this was installed was at a local McDonalds in Bethesda MD. I concepted and designed everything related to this project including building signage, structural signage, labels, menu liners, grand opening materials, etc.

The second location was installed in Adams Morgan. Unfortunately after 2 years, investors couldn’t decide what to do next so they scrapped the convenience store aspect and kept the DVD rental part. They bascially scrapped everything I had done but did keep the font! Redbox machines were soon placed in groceries around the country. lol

It was quite a wild ride but one I’ll never forget.