I’ve always loved art and was always encouraged to take creative classes since I was in elementary school. I went to school for Art at James Madison University and graduated with Fine Arts and Graphic Design major.

With a wealth of print and digital design experience, my work encompasses almost every niche of design. I have created award-winning logos, marketing materials and publication design—most recently the Eddie and Ozzie Award for best magazine design in both digital and print. My design aesthetic combines understated typography with photo and illustration editing that emphasizes storytelling. I am strongly driven to maintain high quality in every detail, from finding overlooked typos to eyeballing a 1-point inconsistency in spacing.

I currently work at Total Wine and More headquarters in the creative department within Marketing. It is a 5 billion dollar company whose sales have soared over the last couple of years. Here I am an Art Director in a department of 12 creatives. I was first hired to launch their booklets initiative and Art Direct a team of designers. In the past 2 years I have developed, strategized and overseen the creation of monthly campaigns, product launches, events—working across both print and digital space. I also oversee photoshoots, all weekly newspaper ads and Special Projects. Total Wine is a fast paced work environment with huge and frequent marketing initiatives.

Prior to that I worked at top-notch branding design agency called Fathom Creative—juggling various projects on any given day. My main focus there was publication design along with branding and conference/exhibit design.

Previously, I worked at NBAA—where I was an art director for 11 years. I created a magazine from the ground up, worked on their brand, marketing materials and exhibits. I then began art directing photo shoots-working closely with photographers based throughout the United States. About 9 years ago I decided that I really wanted to be behind the lens for a couple of reasons. One, I knew exactly what I’m looking for because I work with, and layout these images every day for my design projects; and two, because I was eager to find another new exciting creative outlet. My boss was on board! So I dove right in and have never looked back. No doubt it was an upward battle learning all the technical nuances of the camera, but I LOVED IT. Design is my first language, but photography is a close second.

I hope you enjoy looking around and contact me with any comments or projects you may have in the future. I’d love to hear from you!  Thanks so much!